3 paintball skills to master and win

These skills are the primary tools that every paintball player must try to learn. Once they have mastered these skills, winning the game is relatively simple.
Paintball Tactics

Make Retreating in Paintball Game

To realize a common goal, teammates in a paintball game should take two important roles: one is to suppress and the other to invade.
Paintball Tactics

Do You Love Paintball?

Today, many people from all over the world are playing or at least have tried playing paintball. It is becoming one of the most popular outdoor sports in the world, an alternative to classic favorites such as basketball and football..
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Finding Paintball Mask?

Posted by shafiq

The face mask is the most significant protective gear in playing the sport of paintball.  It mainly shields the eyes from balls with a traveling speed of up to three hundred “feet per second”.  Most completely cover the face and the ears, but there are those who prefer to wear goggles, protecting only the eyes.

Paintball masks are designed to absorb any direct shot, from any distance or range. An ordinary pair of goggles will supply only a false sense of security and put one at great risk since it they are not constructed to block a paintball. All paintball mask manufactures measure up to DOT safety criteria and safety standards.

The choice of the mask’s material is of significance.  There are masks made of different material from rubber, plastic to foam. It is a wise idea to buy your own face mask rather then renting one. It should be the first equipment purchased before playing paintball.  Be sure to properly test the fit of the mask to your face and make sure that you can see clearly so you can well and enjoy your game. The lens is the mask’s most significant quality, so check it carefully; then examine the foam and see if it is comfortable to wear and the design is attractive

1. Typically, paintball masks will have either non-thermal or thermal lens or be anti-fog for fog resistance: these do not need an anti for agent applied to the lens to perform their function.  These thermal lenses will cost more but they are a good choice because they just won’t fog up.

2. The foam in a paint ball mask is an important factor to consider, as it can determine your level of comfort. For instance, a “Vforce Armor” is a neoprene type of foam – a type of foam that is considered a good foam, but it is uncomfortable. The “Vforce Shield” and “Vforce Profiler” is and open cell and two layer foam which is very comfortable to wear.  The open cell foam can be compared to a memory foam that is used in pillows.

3. Style is another factor.  There are masks that are more expensive even when the foam and lens are the same quality as cheaper models, but the difference is in the style of the mask.

Choose wisely and never sacrifice cost over quality; your safety should always come first!

Choosing the Right Paintball Gun Designed for You

Posted by shafiq

Although one should never sacrifice value over the quality of paintball safety equipment, paintball guns can be purchased today at a fair selling price and a multitude of exciting features.

In deciding which is the most effective marker for you, always sensitive and determine the "level of competence." When just beginning, and without knowing the frequency of your game, start with a low-cost marker.

To select the functions you need in a paintball marker, using the weapons of your friends and test them in various paintball fields. After you have decided on the features you want to start coming in search of the gun.

While playing for recreation, there's really no need to invest a lot of money because there are many recreational guns of good quality are not really expensive. Note that there are some markers of poor quality in the market for what it really needs to carry out their research before coming just to make sure the weapon you get is really reliable and can always be upgraded.

When you are making plans to play in competitions, to determine what kind of tournament you will join. If it is very likely to play a smaller tournament marker you can use a more affordable or upgrade older.
Moreover, in the biggest tournaments, you will need an "electro-pneumatic" or perhaps a "blow forward" marker, which often costs at least $ 350.

The purchase price of weapons will depend mainly on the pressure of the gun system and its gadgets. The most common system these days is the "system of carbon dioxide pressure, markers typically used in more affordable.

The main problem is that generally the performance of carbon dioxide will be influenced by the outside temperature, and changes in its gas state to the instability of liquid flow that influences the creation of your shooting precision.

serious paintball competitors make use of the "high pressure air and nitrogen system" weapons that are more accurate because the nitrogen can be liquefied. The possession of this characteristic makes these more expensive types of markers.

Added gadgets also increase the cost of the marker. A loader or hopper is a very popular accessory. It is just a container that feeds paintballs into the gun. Hoppers can be purchased in a large number of varieties, are a series of powered and automated. Fast and lightweight hoppers are more expensive.

Just keep in mind that the marker that you invest in is definitely not perfect and end defects. So when buying a gun, always check the available options and get a score only when you recognize what you really want.


You also can buy a lot of Paintball Guns and Weapons from Amazon Store. Below are some of Paintball Weapons from Amazon Store.

The Secret To Winning at Paintball

Posted by shafiq

Most team sports require teamwork, skill and planning. This can be seen in the winning teams of sports like basketball, football and hockey. The same approach can be taken to make a very good paintball team.

The best way to become a championship team is how to play as a team and individually. It starts in practice where the team will learn to play both offense and defense.

The war games are simulated to emulate reality. A strength can be made and some members selected to protect it from attacks, while another group. After each game, an assessment should be made so that any errors can be corrected so that the computer more efficiently.

Apart from performing some exercises in the group, other teams may be invited to participate in a practice to hone the skills before a tournament.

There are several ways that exercise can end: capture the flag, elimination of all members of another group or wait until it expires. A good way to train participants to act quickly during an offensive is accepting a limited time before the exercise begins ...

Members should rotate the roles of attack and defense during the training exercise because both have to be used in a real game.

Aim should also be part of training. Members must be able to strike two targets fixed and mobile, as both are necessary in a real game where both sides have limited ammunition.

Since exercise usually lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, the team must take every shot. Players should only fire when there is a clear shot available instead of not being able to fire when it matters most.

Stealth is another element necessary to win the game of paintball. By being able to sneak up on enemies in the first place, the team can attack the enemy position before the opposition forces can mount a counterattack.

Learning to communicate with hand signals and sounds will keep the other team to know what plans the team are. By practicing these exercises and scenarios in practice, the group is ready to take anyone in the league.

The secret to winning at paintball is not rocket science, but only requires a lot of practice so that each person knows what to do, that will pay off during competition.

What Paintball Can Do for one’s Health

Posted by shafiq

Participating in sports can actually be good for one person. For those who are too lazy to go to the gym, there's something worth trying and that is the game of paintball. This extreme sport has been around for some time and almost anyone can play. All you need is a team of protection and a weapon to the person to leave the field.

Some people think that participation in this sport is not safe as the bullets travel at high speeds, and a person can suffer an injury. Contrary to this belief, statistics show that this is safer than other contact sports such as basketball and football.

This activity burns calories as the player has to get on the enemy without being detected then have to run when withdrawal or charge. It's better than running on a treadmill that many find boring since the scenario does not change.

Paintball can be played on a small area or a large area. With all the running, sweating occurs which can help you lose weight. By adding this extreme sport to the exercise regimen, some kilos can be lost again.

Running burns more calories per minute than any other type of cardiovascular exercise and keep the body active increases your metabolic rate. Play paintball on weekends - as twice a month - can help a person burns calories faster and that way, one will be able to eat almost anything without gaining weight.

Paintball is a team sport and there is nothing better than winning a game against an opponent. Exercise improves mood as it releases chemicals called endorphins in the brain: eating chocolate has a similar effect. This game helps you sleep better, and that releases the energy it needs time to recover.

Engaging in any type of exercise can be beneficial. It is known to prevent various diseases like high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and various cancers.

Paintball is a form of exercise that can help prevent some of these high-risk conditions, as well as being an enjoyable game.

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